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December 31, 2007

Astro Barrier

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1.To enter expert levels in Astro Barrier wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears.It will work.2.On level 7, when the screen tells you about the blue bars click the one in the example for a free life. On level 10 or 30, if you wait a minute, a blue ship will appear, and if you shoot it, you’ll go to the expert levels.

3.At the menu of Astro Barrier (the screen you get to after you press the Start Button), press 1, 2, or 3, to get to level 10, 20, or 30.

4.At the menu of AstroBarrier (the screen you get to after you press the Start Button), press 1, 2, or 3, to get to level 10, 20, or 30!
5. Puffle with no name: Buy a puffle at the store, when you’re asked to write a name, just push the spacebar a few times, then click Next.
6.Low definition Club Penguin: This is good if you’re in a laggy server. Press the += button next to the Backspace button to go to Low-def CP mode. You won’t lag anymore!
7.Sitting Forward: Press a spot to walk to (You can face anyway you want [forward, sideways, backwards]). Press s.
8.I don’t believe this is really a cheat but your puffle dances along with you when you dance (That is assuming you are taking it out for a walk).
9.Hidden buddies: If any of your buddies are logged in in a different server than you and you log in, check the buddy chat quickly after you log into any server (other than the one your buddy is on) and your buddy list will say they are on (even though its only suppose to say that if they’re on the same server as you [By server I mean like ‘Tundra’ or ‘Snow Angel’). You will only see this for one to two seconds
10.To play Dessert mode in Pizzatron 3000, click on the lever when you’re at the start menu. For a picture, helpful/recommended tips, and info on the game go here:
11.To put wall items flipped sideways, have a wall item up on the wall and quickly drag it outside the igloo, and it should be sideways.
12.WEIRD DANCE WITH DIFFERENT CLOTHES ON: Have on any clothes (something cool), open your player card, take off everything and put on an item that makes you do a special dance or wave (like Maracas or a tour guide hat). With the player card still open, do the dance/wave, and you should be dancing with the other clothes on! Once, I had been throwing snowballs prior to this and each time I waved with the tour guide hat on, my penguin with the clothes on would throw a snowball and hold the sign up at same time.
13.To make furniture items go on the wall and vice versa, double click the furniture item on the top rows of your inventory. You can do the same with wall items.
14.WALK ON LIGHTHOUSE WALLS: Go to the lighthouse, go behind the barrel of fish (or somewhere between the barrel and boat), click the door a few times and then click above the door, and you’ll walk on the walls.
15.DANCE AND TALK WITH THE PAPER: Update: (Doesn’t work anymore. I’m keeping it up here because this was an awesome glitch. ~Watex) Unfortunately, this cheat does not work anymore. However, you can still spy on friends when you’re reading the newspaper and type into the chat box. Walk to the bottom of the screen so you’re above the chat box in Club Penguin. Open the newspaper and start to send a joke or riddle. When it asks what you want to send, press tab until you can type into the chat box. If penguins next to you talk to you, you can see what they say.
16. EDIT IGLOOS: Update: (Doesn’t work anymore. I’m keeping it up here because this was an awesome glitch. ~Watex) Method #1: Open your buddy list, then open the ‘Edit Igloo’ button in your igloo, then click on your buddy list and go to one of YOUR BUDDY’S igloos. You can now edit their igloo! And now you can also go to other penguins igloos to edit their’s even if they’re not your buddy! Method #2: Go to your igloo, click the ‘Edit Igloo’ button. Now click on your penguin to show your player card. Click on your Secret Agent Spyphone and Teleport to the HQ. Then go to any igloo and you can edit it. However, other people won’t see you edit their igloo.
17. WALK WITH PAPER: USE THIS LINK ONLY OR IT WONT WORK: Update: (Doesn’t work anymore. I’m keeping it up here because this was an awesome glitch. ~Watex) . Click on someone’s player card and drag it outside. Go play Find four or Mancala. When the sign pops up, click it rapidly/quickly (try to press it twice but once will work). Click on the newspaper now, (with the game still up and the player card still up). Then click on the ’send card’ button (Don’t X out of the game or newspaper) and send that person a card. Now you’ve exited out of the newspaper/player card automatically. Now go to the town center or the ski village, then go back to the room you were playing in and everyone will see you walking with a paper and call you a lucky hacker along with the screams of jealousy. Note: you can’t see this yourself.
18.WALK ON LIGHTHOUSE WALLS: Walk onto the box of fish (so the cart is blocking you and you can only see your name). Now click on the exit door (left of the thing with an 8 on it) and then IMMEDIATELY click on something on the upper left, like the picture of a penguin, AS FAST AS YOU CAN AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN. You will walk on the wall.
19.NUBBING: To nub (walk behind your chatbox at bottom of screen), go to this site (or it won’t work if you don’t):, then press f11, and click on the white space below your chatbox (the chatbox is the place where you type in words to say).
20.FLASHING WORDS: Say “green commander of (you can say anything here)” and the words will flash (excluding the parenthesis, what I said inside the parenthesis, and the apostrophes (these things: “). For example, green commander of Fever will flash if you say it. It works best if the word you use is 3-5 letters long.
21.Tips on locating Rockhopper: Rockhopper finding guide
It will be here soon right when I remember how you put it on

Happy New Year Eve.

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Happy New Year Eve. I hope you make this day special.Its the last day of 2007 you know.If your staying up for the New year Vote Here  .

Coins For Change reasults are…

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The Coins for Change results are…

  • $394,000 will go to kids who are sick_ to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.
  • $330,000 will go to the environment_ to World Wildlife Fund.
  • $276,000 will go to kids in developing countries_ to Free the Children
  • You can search more at other search engines but I  just wanted to use Winkipedia.You can use or

    December 28, 2007

    Another Ice Berg!?

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      At the light house top (the Beacon) If you look in the telescope there is another ice berg floating around.I wonder why it’s there and if theres going to be another Ice Berg on the map.

      Fireworks in the sky!

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      There are fireworks in the sky at the Ice Berg and at the Mountain top.It the New Year’s decoration.

      December 25, 2007

      Coins For Change.

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      The Coins For Change reasults are…

      Kids Health-39.4%


      Kids Around the world-27.6%

      Over 2 BILLON coins were donated.Thats alot  of money I wonder where they get the money…

      Christmas party Poll!

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      Theres a new poll the choices are…



      3)Free Item

      4)New Years Suprise

      5)There’s a Chrismas party?

      I choose New Years Suprise

      I picked Decorations since the Decorations were so  noce

      PenguinTimes News.

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      On page B3 and B4 it has writen on it Merry Chrismas from the Penguin Times.And I want to wish you guys a Happy Christmas too.

      What sever I’m mostly on…

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      The sever I’m mostly on is Tundra and Snow Angel.If Tundra is full I go to Snow Angel.I wear the color orange and sometimes pink.My e-mail is  if you want me to e-mail you write it in a commet or just e-mail it to me.

      December 24, 2007

      Happy Christmas Eve. Everyone!!!

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      Happy Christmas Eve. everyone I hope you have lots of presents and Santa will give you alot of presnts(if you belive in him)I’m not really sure if I believe in him or not.

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