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December 23, 2007

Mission 1

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If you need help with mission 1 here are the answers…

1)Click on Aunt Arctic.Don’t worry what ahe says just keep clicking the 1st ones or the 2nd it doesnt matter what you clickin this part.

2)Click on your map and then click on the ice rink.Or just use your spy phone.When you get to the ice rink,go right all the way then you’ll find green puffle pictures on the ground.Click on them.

3)Now give them to Aunt Arcitc.If you dont know how to find her teleport or click on the map and then click on the igoo.Click and drag the photos to Aunt Arctic.

4)Now go to the shop shop and ask the penguin G for “special items”.He will ask you how much sock he has.I cannot tell you this answer because it changes.

5)Go to the pet shop and then go left and you’ll find a note on the puffle house.Click on it and look at the 2nd and 3rd line to figure out it use the codes.An you got your answer.

6)After you tell G the answer he will open the closet.Get the life preserver first.

7)Go to the ice berg and drag the life preserver to the penguins and save them.

8)Go to the sports shop again and get the grapple hook from the closet.

9)Go to ski mountain and click on your spy phone and click on the blinking light on  top of the word “tools”.Now click on the wrench and drag it to the broken telescope.

10)You can skip this step but if you don’t this is what you do click on the telescope and go right untill you see a puffle flying around a mountain.

11)Go to the tallest mountain (it’s on the map).Use the grapple hook to get the puffles.

12)Talk to the puffles then give them to Aunt Arcitc.

And that was the end of Mission 1.If there are any confusions please comment and i will delete ant comment that says anything like”1st comment”.So please don’t comment like that. 


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