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March 30, 2008

Great News!

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Great News! I read the new post, about the Special Test Sever, more carefully, and I found out that you can be a Green Puffle longer! So, todays the last day if you want to try out being your self, as a Green Puffle!


March 29, 2008

Easter Hunt Poll!

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Question-What was the best part about the Easter Egg Hunt?

Here are the Choices

Searching for the Easter Eggs with my Friends

I missed the Easter Egg Hunt

Seeing how each one was hidden

I couldn’t finish the hunt-it was to hard!

I voted for-Searching for the Easter Eggs with my Friends.

Comment what you are voting for!

April Fools!

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 If you go onto CPIP from 10AM to 4PM PST Today (Friday). You will be a Green Puffle!The Swirly Glasses free item is located at the Cove.


The Red Propeller Hat has returned! It is at the Ski Village. If you dance with just the hat on, you can fly!

ddd.png flyawauy.png

The Crayon pin is at the Mine Shack. Complete the Connect the Dots game first. I suggest sitting down before you start because you might walk into the Mines while connecting, which means you’ll have to start over.

copnonect.png crayoloa.png

This has GOT to be one of the best parties ever on CP. So I highly recommend looking at every room on Club Penguin! And try nubbing on top of the Dojo.
nubbinguptop.pngYou can also play Thin Ice tro Barrier at the Dance Lounge. It’s basically Astro Barrier with a Red Puffle.


This is how everything is(using the map, so the shops are not inculded for this Aprils Fool Guild).

Dock-Super Slipery!

Ski Village-Has underpants for the carts

Light House-Has sink for Save the Migrator Project

The Plaza-You can pop the ballons.

Town-Drawn with Crayons and Color Pencils

Snow Forts-Melted forts

Forest-Upside down

Cove-Has signs

Mine-Connect the Dots Mine

Ice Berg-Ice in a Pot

Dojo-You can walk on the walls (Like last year).

March 27, 2008

April Fools NewsPaper

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The newspaper came out today and the whole thing’s outlined in green. There is “graffiti” on almost every page and it’s really cool (kinda like last year). It addresses what to do with the Aqua Grabber now. Maybe we can use it to salvage more treasures or use it to protect from more chunks of ice in the future.


Earlier today, the newspaper had an article called ‘Penguin of the Month’. It would talk about a penguin with all these great characteristics and good habits. And then it would say “That penguin is (your penguin name here)”. So if you log in as a different penguin, the name will change to your current penguin. They took it off the newspaper recently.


There’s also an ‘Ask Gary’ section in this newspaper.


Aunt Arctic has a mysterious riddle in this issue of CP Times. There is also a “Do Not Push” button next to it. If you push it, it makes a hole in the paper.


One article is upside-down. It talks about the puffle cheat in Catchin’ Waves.


March 26, 2008

April Fools Sneak Peek!

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Just wanted to tell you that the April Fools party starts This Friday. Last year’s party was crazy, with all the boxes, and the white/black Dojo where you could walk on the walls. Well, here’s a sneak peek for the party this year. We might actually be able to walk with our penguins in this strange “real life” ClubPenguin. That’d be so awesome and ClubPenguin would have really got a great party planned this time. ClubPenguin said even the newspaper will have a twist. (Maybe a real newspaper?)!


March 24, 2008


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Happy Easter!

March 22, 2008

A Little Fairy

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I adopted a cute lil' fairy fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

March 21, 2008

The Easter Eggs!

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Here is how to find all the eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt. The first Easter egg is on the Lantern in the Mines. Click on it to get it.


The second Easter Egg is at the Dock on a post.


The third Easter Egg can be found by clicking the Red Puffle at the Pet Shop.


The fourth Easter Egg is at the Book Room. Click the green plant at the top of the shelf.


The fifth Easter Egg is at the Gift Shop. Click the poster.


The sixth Easter Egg is at the Plaza. Click the Lantern between the Pet Shop and the Stage.


The seventh Easter Egg is at the Attic. Point your cursor to open the box, the egg will pop out.


The eighth Easter Egg is in the Dojo. It disappears and reappears at different spots on the wall. This is my favorite egg because it’s a ninja! Click it before it disappears again.


Click the egg in the upper right corner and select claim prize.


You get Green Bunny Ears! Happy Easter!


March 20, 2008

April Fools Day!

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The April Fool’s Day Party will start next week from March 28th to April 2nd. Last year’s party was amazing so I’m hoping this year will be even more amazing.ewr.png

(April Fools Change the Rules) I wonder what that means…

The Easter Hunt! Tomorrow!

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The Easter Egg Hunt will be here tomorrow! Stay tuned to find out where the eggs are. There will no doubt be a free item at the end of it.


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