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March 29, 2008

April Fools!

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 If you go onto CPIP from 10AM to 4PM PST Today (Friday). You will be a Green Puffle!The Swirly Glasses free item is located at the Cove.


The Red Propeller Hat has returned! It is at the Ski Village. If you dance with just the hat on, you can fly!

ddd.png flyawauy.png

The Crayon pin is at the Mine Shack. Complete the Connect the Dots game first. I suggest sitting down before you start because you might walk into the Mines while connecting, which means you’ll have to start over.

copnonect.png crayoloa.png

This has GOT to be one of the best parties ever on CP. So I highly recommend looking at every room on Club Penguin! And try nubbing on top of the Dojo.
nubbinguptop.pngYou can also play Thin Ice tro Barrier at the Dance Lounge. It’s basically Astro Barrier with a Red Puffle.


This is how everything is(using the map, so the shops are not inculded for this Aprils Fool Guild).

Dock-Super Slipery!

Ski Village-Has underpants for the carts

Light House-Has sink for Save the Migrator Project

The Plaza-You can pop the ballons.

Town-Drawn with Crayons and Color Pencils

Snow Forts-Melted forts

Forest-Upside down

Cove-Has signs

Mine-Connect the Dots Mine

Ice Berg-Ice in a Pot

Dojo-You can walk on the walls (Like last year).


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  1. Cool Thanks!
    Charmeberries-Yea, this April Fools Party is funny!

    Comment by hellowmate — March 29, 2008 @ 7:50 pm

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