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May 31, 2008

Penguin Mail Infomation!

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Here’s some more info on Penguin Mail: You’ll be able to send mail to offline buddies and save/delete the mail you get. Here is the current logo for Penguin Mail.


Book Contest Book!

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The Book Contest stories have been published so check them out in the Book Room.

Book Writers And Igloo Winners!

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Congrats to Lolliepops10, Sammysays, and Chochypop for winning the Book Contest.

Congrats to the Igloo Contest winners for winning 1st place in the contest (there are 20 other winners).

Check the newspaper for details, the other winners, and their igloos.

May 29, 2008

The Spring Arts Fest.!

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Hey People,  I’m perforing in my school’s Spring Art’s Festavil. I’m playing 5 songs! The song names, and the artist are…

1st-Mexican Hat Dance-Mexican Folk Song

2nd-Frere Jacques(Are You Sleeping)-French Folk Song

3rd-Morning Mood-Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)

4th-Bingo-American Folk Song

5th-Dance Celebration-Robert W. Smith

CPIP tester Item Finally Coming soon!

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Yep, That’s right! After waiting a really long time, all penguins who tested in the Club Penguin Improvement Project test servers will be getting their CPIP item added into their inventories THIS FRIDAY, the 30th. Click here for details .ClubPenguin wanted to deliver this with Penguin Mail and the log-in and playercard feature, but they are still under development so they won’t be released yet.Even if you only logged in once in the Test Servers, you should still get a CPIP item.

May 23, 2008

Free Wizards Hat

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The free Wizard Hat is available at the Lighthouse.

Pet Catalog Sercerts-May

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Pet Furniture Catalog Secrets

The Pet Furniture Catalog is located in the Pet Store.

Click on the Brown dot next to the Green House on Page 4 for the Grey House.

Anvil Pin

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The Anvil pin is in the Boiler Room. Point your cursor at the Pot for the Anvil Maker to start making the pin.

Clothing Catalogs Secerts-May

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Furniture Catalog Secrets

Click on the Ficus Plant for the Palm Tree

Click on the Large House Plant for the Coffee House Tree

Click on the Vase for the Plush Gray Chair

Click on the hole in the Pink Plastic Castle for the Inflatable Dragon

Click on the sink part of the Kitchen Sink for the Cake

Answers To The Puzzle In The NewsPaper

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Here is the answer to the puzzle in the newspaper. I labeled the rows, columns, and boxes for those who didn’t understand the directions. I also labeled the puffles that got blocked out by the big puffle. I suggest using it only when you’re stuck.

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