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May 2, 2008

Rockhopper’s Key, 2 New Room, And A New Game!

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Rockhopper’s key is on the last page of Rockhopper’s Journal in the Library in the Book Room (2nd floor of Coffee Shop). You can also wear the Key like a pin!

Once you obtain the key, go onto Rockhopper’s ship and go into the Captain’s Quarters! The room has a Notice Board from RH, a new multiplayer game “Treasure Hunt”, and How to Play on the wall.

To play Treasure Hunt, you basically have to work with your partner by digging vertically or horizontally for treasure. Any shines in the sand mean there’s treasure underneath. All treasure completely exposed at the end will be yours. This reminds me tremendously of the treasure game in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

If you’re having trouble finding a game to play, go to an empty server, stand by a match, wait for it to end, and immediately enter it.

There is also a 2nd new room. Click the arrow on the Mast and it’ll bring you up to the Crow’s Nest, which has a powerful cannon.



  1. woo first coment!

    Comment by jibet the bo — July 25, 2008 @ 1:58 pm

  2. Where is rockhoppers ship

    Charmberries-Rockhoppers ship is only here when rockhopper is here, when he is here it is located at The Beach.

    Comment by Steveboi — August 24, 2008 @ 9:51 am

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