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July 16, 2008

Features Launched!

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Club Penguin has finally launched a whole bunch of new features!

FEATURE #1 New Server Selection – First off, you have to retype in all your information because your saved data for log-in was probably erased. The first thing I noticed was the orange sign that said “Please do not save password in a school or library computer” had changed. And when you log in with an already saved penguin, the penguin loads his/her clothing differently. As for the actual server selection, it groups your Suggested Servers by which you go on most and the ones your buddies are on. CP also changed it so that all the servers are grouped alphabetically and they took out the countries. That’s not something I like the best. We might have to do another server swap from Flippers. I’ll think about it once things settle down. But for now, I’m still going on Flippers as much as possible.

FEATURE #2 Penguin Mail – The most obvious one to get to next, of course! It’s located on the upper left of the screen when you log in. P-Mail allows you to save, delete, or reply to postcards sent to you by your buddies. You can also send postcards to your buddies even if they’re not online. The envelope on the top left also displays a number for the amount of unread postcards. If the envelope has a smiley face, it’s a buddy request. And the layout that displays all the postcards you can send has now changed. I would definitely rather have it so that you can send postcards to any penguin you want, online or offline, just as long as they don’t have a full mailbox. I’ve only gotten around 5 postcards total so far.

Also, there’s a free item you can get. Go to the very first postcard you have. Click on the blue bag. You will get a Blue Messenger Bag that you can wear! Penguins created after the update do not get the bag.

FEATURE #3 Playercard Sort – To begin with, CP made it so that ALL your items are now in one tab, not two. They used to group it so that your clothing items and medals would be in one tab. And your colors, pins, and backgrounds in another. I liked the old method better. However, it is easier to find clothing items using the new format by just using the Playercard Sort to just jump to your type of item.

FEATURE #4 Igloo Background – This is one of the updates that I like with no drawbacks whatsoever. The igloo is given a nice, foresty background rather than the blank, bland, and white background even members had to have. The forest goes away in Edit Mode. And the ‘Done’ icon has been replaced with a ‘Save Igloo’ disk icon.


FEATURE #5 Member Igloos Map – When you click on the Members Igloos on the Map, it expands to the map below. Displaying all the igloos available and their owners’ names when you hover your mouse over one. Unlike before, there is probably a maximum number of igloos per server.

FEATURE #6 Spyphone – The spyphone is now located in your bottom left, if you’re a secret agent. It allows you to teleport, play with the Tools, and Visit the HQ, just like in a mission.

FEATURE #7 Green Puffle – The Green Puffle has left the Night Club and is now playing around in the Ice Rink. And with the Green Puffle constantly playing with the puck, no one can play Hockey! I wonder why they did this?

FEATURE #8 Buddy Log-In – If a buddy logs into the server you’re in when you’re in Club Penguin, a dialog box will pop out of the Buddy button in your toolbar that says “[Buddy’s Name here] is online”

FEATURE #9 Puffle Mail – It looks like your puffle can send you mail too. And when you adopt a puffle, they send you a postcard.

FEATURE/BUG #10 Blank Chat – If you press the spacebar and then enter, you’ll get a blank chat bubble.

FEATURE #11 Puffle Stats – You can no longer see the puffles’ stats or name of another penguin’s igloo.

FEATURE #12 Sled Racing/Find Four/Mancala List – The loading list has changed slightly when you’re waiting for players.

FEATURE #13 Finding a Buddy – The ‘Find Buddy’ button on your buddy’s playercard has changed to a question mark.

FEATURE/GLITCH #14 Reading the Paper Backwards – First, sit sideways, face up, or dance. Then open your newspaper. You’ll be reading it all wrong or not reading it at all. Go to the Dojo to see yourself doing this while reading the newspaper.

FEATURE/GLITCH #15 Talking – If someones talking behind you and your speech bubble is blocking theirs, no matter how much they talk, it won’t come in front of your own speech bubble.

FEATURE/GLITCH #16 UNLIMITED BUDDIES Probably my favorites glitch. For that reason, I’ve been on Tundra’s Dock for a long time now, accepting almost anyone who requests to buddy me!

FEATURE/GLITCH #17 Ski Hill – The Mountain is now called Ski Hill when you hover your cursor over it on the Map. However, when you go to it, it says ‘Loading Mountain’

FEATURE/GLITCH #18 Zoom in – If you right click anywhere at anytime, then select Zoom in, you can zoom in to view ultra large penguins. You can click, hold, and drag to move around.

FEATURE/GLITCH #19 Nonchat servers – You CAN chat on Nonchat servers.

FEATURE/GLITCH #20 Full rooms – Rooms do not get full easily/ Don’t get full no matter how many people.


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