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August 29, 2008

150th Newspaper Pin

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The Golden 150th Newspaper Pin is located in the Boiler Room.

Picture from watex.


Furni Catalog Sercerts-September!!

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Furniture Catalog Secrets

The Igloo Furniture Catalog is located in your igloo. Click the Edit button, then the Catalog.

Click the Lava Lamp for the Blender.

Click the Upright Piano for the Guitar Stand.

August 28, 2008

The Penguin Games Has Ended

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The Penguin Games has come to a close. I hope you all had a great time and was able to get the Medal. The Soccer Pitch has stayed to replace the Ice Rink, even though the Games are gone, but this will be only temporary.

Penguins Times 150th Issue!!!

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Also, congrats to the Penguin Times on its 150th issue! Yay!

Jokes Cheat!!!

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There is a Jokes cheat in the newspaper. If you click on the word “Jokes”, you get 2 more jokes to read! Yay! XD I love the jokes!

Another Waddle Down Memory lane Part 2

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Hey guys!! Check out the Waddle Down Memory Lane: Part 2, in the newspaper. It starts off with the first ever arrival of Rockhopper.

August 27, 2008

New Furni Catalog!!

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There will be a new furniture catalog available this Friday. Here’s a sneak peek. It looks like a piece of Metal (maybe part of a Stool?), a Red Couch, a Coffee (or Soda) Machine, and a Fireplace.

Soccer Pitch in Club Penguin

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The Soccer Pitch in Club Penguin will be staying for a while, once the party ends. It is now available to nonmembers.

August 24, 2008

Countdown For The new CLubpenguin DS Game!!!

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I made a post a while ago about the coming of a Club Penguin game for Nintendo DS, expected near the holiday season. Well, now we have an official date: November 4th, 2008. So, I made countdown for it. The countdown (some of you have seen it before during last year’s Christmas countdown) tells the exact number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds before it will be released. I might be getting it for Christmas.

August 22, 2008

How To Get The Gold Medal In Club Penguin

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How to get the Gold Medal in Club Penguin

The Penguin Games have started! To start playing, click on the medal in the upper right.

The first race is the Marathon at the Ski Village. Start behind the starting line and wait for the countdown before you start racing. Then move along the track and STOP at every light and MAKE IT LIGHT UP.

If you miss one light, you’ll have to go back and get it or you won’t finish. The Marathon goes through several rooms: Ski Village>Beach>Dock>Town>Snow Forts>Plaza>Forest>Cove. Go past the finish line as far as I did in the picture once you’ve gotten all the lights.

The next race is the Three Lap Race at the Iceberg. It is the same idea: you have to hit all the lights. Sometimes the lights might not work very well, but they do work. Remember, you have to around the track THREE TIMES.

The last race is the Freestyle Swim at the Underground Pool. You must swim FIVE lengths of the Pool. Make sure you make the 2 lights go off EACH time you hit the end of the Pool.


The event display should automatically open when you have finished all 3 events. When it does, select Claim Prize.

Yay! You now have the Gold Medal!

Pictures again from Watex

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