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August 6, 2008

New Aqua Grabber Level And Map

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The new levels of Aqua Grabber have come out! The levels are Clam Waters and Soda Seas. Clam Waters is the old level but with a new ending, where you have to get the Grand Pearl from the giant oyster. You don’t have to complete the old level to play the new one. Lastly, each level has different stages (”Achievements”) like Race against the Clock or Finish without losing a life. The green/yellow/red gauge on the map is a high/low quality button.

Club Penguin Cheats – Aqua Grabber Full Guide

Bring a Pink Puffle with you, if you have one, so it’ll blow air bubbles to help you breathe.

Level 1 – Clam Waters

  1. (Optional) Collect Pearls from Clams while they’re asleep. Black pearls are worth more.
  2. Use openings to restore your tank from losing air.
  3. Once you got all the small pearls, go to the bottom right floor and pick up the rock

4. Go to the giant oyster. Drop the rock in FIRST. Now pick up the Giant Pearl and bring it to the surface to finish the level.

Level 2 – Soda Seas

1. Pick up all the kegs of Cream Soda and bring them to the net at the top. Leave the ones with plants in front of them for later.

2. Once you’ve gathered enough kegs, the plants will awaken and will move when you get close to them.
3. Now once you’ve cleared the top, go through the area where the bubbles are coming from. Watch out for the blowfish.

4. Keep going down. Avoid the giant blowfish. Pick up the treasure and the bottom. Bring it back to the top to win.


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