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September 27, 2008

Fall Fair Poll!

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Heres the Fall Fair poll:

The Best Thing About the Fall Fair Is…

  • The Fun Games
  • The Cool Prizes
  • The Autumn Decorations
  • I’ve Never Been To The Fall Fair

I choose The Fun Games because well they are fun!


Win A Free Limited Time Edition Of A Viking Penguin

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I found part of what the sneak peek is about. CP is holding a sweepstakes where you can win 1 of 1000 limited edition Viking Penguins. The contest starts Oct. 3 and ends on the 23rd. I wonder what will happen on the 24th…

Anniversary Party For Clubpenguin!

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Here’s a sneak peek at something coming October 24th, which is the Anniversary Party date and when Club Penguin was released.

Get Tickets In A Mintue!

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Get All the Prizes for the Fall Fair in a few seconds

  1. Play Grab & Spin at the Dock
  2. Spin it once
  3. Press Tab until the Yellow box is over END GAME
  4. Hold down Enter for 15 seconds
  5. Click Quit. You have 5,000+ Tickets! Go buy some prizes!


By the way this was very, very hard for me to do.

Lollipop Pin!

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The Lollipop pin is in the Lighthouse.

Greatest Game To Get More Tickets With

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My recommendation for fastest tickets, tested from this and last year, is to play Puffle Paddle (which is faster than the member games).

This Year’s Games

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This Year’s Games….

  • Memory Card Game (Beach)
  • Grab and Spin (Dock)
  • Ring the bell (Dock)
  • Puffle Paddle (Snow Forts)
  • Puffle Shuffle (Forest)
  • Feed a Puffle (Cove)
  • Puffle Soaker (Arcade Circle -Member’s Only. New Game)
  • Balloon Pop (Arcade Circle -Member’s Only. New Game)
  • Last Year’s Prizes

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    Most of the prizes are repeats. More prizes are said to come.

    Member’s Special!

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    Members can go to The Arcade Circle from the Snow Forts.

    It has a prize booth (Giant yellow glasses, Teddy Bear and a Caramel Apple) and 2 new games. Click to enlarge.

    The games are Puffle Soaker and Balloon Pop. Click to enlarge.

    Also, check out the Iceberg!

    September 25, 2008

    Mission In The News Paper!

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    1. Open the newspaper in Club Penguin.
    2. Click on the paper on Page D1.
    3. Click the paper with a message. It’ll transport you to Page C2.
    4. Click the Red Book held by the Lime Green penguin. Then click the paper.
    5. Click on the Cookie held by the Pink Penguin on Page C5. Then click the paper.
    6. Click on the TV on Page A5. Click the paper.
    7. Click on the Tea Cup on Page B4.
    8. You’ve found the message from G!

    Get Ready!!

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