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February 23, 2009

Puffle Party

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The puffle party is currently going on. The snow forts is not a place for snowball fighting for penguins anymore!! It’s a place for snowball fighting for penguins AND puffles!! Also if you look to the left of the clock there is a place you canfeed puffles!! You can do so by using the snowball throwing tool, and shoot at a puffle. Then a puffle-o shoots out!! The pet shop looks like a circus. The forest has a place for those balls you can play with, also if you throw snowballs there you throw the balls!! In the Cove there are free Puffle Bandannas. At the ice berg the pink puffles are having fun jump roping and playing on the trampoline. The dock has a humongous puffle play castle, that now even penguins can enjoy!! The lighthouse is the place for yellow puffles. Also if you stand where it says “Stand here” You get you’re picture painted. Also all of the paintings are replaced by ones drawn by yellow puffles. In the beacon the green puffles are going crazy. To end this whole thing up this party is awsome I rate it a fours stars!


February 14, 2009

Puffle-O Pin

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The new Puffle-O’s pin is at the Mine Shack.


Stage Catalog Secerts

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Costume Catalog Cheats

The Costume Catalog is located in the Stage.

Click the dodgeball the penguin is holding for the Red Viking Helm.


There is a new background for nonmembers!


Climb on top of the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop

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You can climb on top of the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop.


February 9, 2009

Clothing Catalog Sercets Febuary `09

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Here are the secrets for the Febuary ‘09 Catalog!
Click the S for the Spikester

Click the E for the Spikette

Click the Blue Dot for the Fruit Headdress

Click the Pot for the Red Viking Helm


Open and close the Red Viking Helm four times for the Blue Viking Helm



Click the Beak on the Penguin for the Russian Hat


Click the Carrot for the Yellow Scarf


Click the ‘A’ for the Pom Pom Toque


Click the L for the Red Hoodie



There are four “new” backgrounds in the catalog (someof them are repeats).

February 4, 2009

Lime Green Dojo Book

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The Club Penguin Lime Green Dojo Book is now available in the Book Room (above the Coffee Shop)!

There are hidden coins on every page except the last one. If you find all the coins, you get a bonus of 800 coins!

1st page- Click the mop and wipe the window.

2nd page- The tub of slime and move it.

3rd page- The piece of slime on the left of the picture (keep wiping it).

4th page- Use the green penguin to wipe and a coin falls down.

5th page- Follow patten

6th page- Move the tub of slime again.

7th page- Click the light bulb and guide it toward the purple one.

8th page- Take out all the capes, then click on the socks, and put  on the penguin’s “flippers”.

February 2, 2009

Book Summary

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The first book that I’m make a summary on  is The T.F Letters, by Karen Ray. Here is a link: 

Summary: This story was about a little girl named Alexis Beatrice Vandershoot who is seven-eight(she passes her birthday),that looses her teeth. She writes letters to the Tooth Fairy and they have a wonderful friendship just like pen-pals. She goes through difficultys of moving to other places. Big Idea: Any thing can happen.



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