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December 31, 2008

Mission 10!!

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Club Penguin Walkthrough Guide to Mission 10

  1. Talk to G until the whole dialogue is finished.
  2. Click the box right of G and put the Solar Panel into your inventory
  3. Go to the Beach. Go inside the Lighthouse. Put the barrel of Cream Soda into your inventory (located near the stairs)
  4. Walk outside. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy looking at the ocean. Tell him you have the Cream Soda.
  5. Give the Cream Soda to the Jet Pack Guy
  6. Click the large cup and drag it to the middle cup
  7. Click the middle cup and drag it to the small cup
  8. Click the small cup and drag it to the large cup
  9. Click the middle cup and drag it to the small cup
  10. Click the large cup and drag it to the middle cup
  11. Click the middle cup and drag it to the small cup
  12. Click the small cup and drag it to the large cup
  13. Go to the Dock and ask the Green Penguin for some Rope. Put the Rope into your inventory
  14. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to the Green Cashier. Tell him you’d like to help
  15. Put the pile of clothing, box of balls, and table into your inventory
  16. Go outside. Put the table beside the Gift Shop. Put the clothing and balls on the table.
  17. Go back into the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.
  18. Get out the solar panel and put it to the magnet’s broken cord.
  19. Click the colored circles until it looks like this:
  20. mission101
  21. Go to the Night Club. Place the Rope on the spool above the Red Lever. Pull the Red Lever.
  22. Get out your spyphone and get your Wrench from the Tools.
  23. Click the metal plate on the machine to unscrew the bolts. Click to look inside the machine.
  24. Place the gears on the pegs so they all fit (They don’t have to touch each other, as long as they all fit).
  25. Go to the Dock. Click on your spyphone when it rings.
  26. Move around until you see Klutzy the Crab
  27. Answer your spyphone again when it rings. Go to the Night Club
  28. Pull the Red Lever on the machine again. Click/Watch the dialogue.
  29. Answer your spyphone when it rings. Click and drag the Lights on the ceiling and point them at the solar panel.
  30. Talk to Herbert, then G.
  31. Click Get Medal and Get Gift. Congrats! You’re done!

October 10, 2008

Mission 9 Guide!!

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1. Talk to G. Place the 3 tracking devices, the yellow duck, and the Blue Prints (on the wall) into your inventory.

2. Go to the Ski Lodge. Pick up all the Find Four pieces. They are on the window seal, the stool under the phone, and under the ladder.

3. Go up the ladder. Pick up the Find Four pieces by the bricks, on the typewriter, on the table beside the phonograph, on the box, and on the box in the corner.

4. Pick up the string on the rug.

5. Go downstairs and talk to the penguins playing Find Four. Give them the pieces.

6. Go to the Forest and pick up the sticks.

7. Put the sticks, the blue print, and the string together to make a kite. Put the kite on a transmitter.

8. Go to the Mountain. Put the kite and transmitter on a poll.

9. Go to the Plaza and talk to the penguins. After the puffle blows a bubble, click the gum stuck between the penguins. Take the bubble gum. Put it on the yellow duck. Then put it in your inventory.

10. Go to the Dock. Talk to the penguin. Click, hold, and pull the brown start handle on the boat. Ask to use the Air Pump.

11. Put the Air pump on the duck to inflate it. Put a transmitter on the duck.

12. Go to the Ice Berg, and put the duck on the water.

13. Go to the Mines. Talk to the penguin. Click the Offer to help option.

13. Click the gray beams on the Mine Shack. Click and drag the wooden boards, making the metal beam so the left side is lower than the right.

14. Click on the overturned cart. Click it again to go up close. Weld all the cracks.

15. Place a transmitter in the cart. Click the cart for it to go.

16. Answer your spy phone. Go to the HQ and talk to G. Take the Binocular 3000 from G (it’s on the table).

14. Go to the Lodge. Click on the Gone Fishing door.

Go right. Look through the binoculars.

16. Talk to G on the Spyphone.

17. Go to Herbert’s camp. Pick up the spy phone near the fire. Fuse it with the Binoculars.

18. Put the spyphone/binocular in the big, dark green tree that is right off the exit back to the Lodge.

19. Go to the HQ. Talk to G. Watch Herbert and Klutzy.

20. You can now get the medal and chocolates

If you open the box of chocolates in your inventory, you can eat them.

June 24, 2008

Mission 8

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1) Talk to G in the HQ. I suggest choosing the top option each time.
2) G will tell you to investigate recent tremors around the island, Go to the Dock.
3) Herbert and Klutzy will appear in a drill type machine, after the conversation, Herbert will drop the Map to the tunnels, Klutzy will try to grab it, but will cut it in half.

Following the Map

-Part 1
1) Follow the 2 pieces of the map into the Town.
2) One piece will fly on the Night Club sign and the other piece will continue floating.
3) Go into the Coffee Shop and offer the clerk to help pick up some cookies.
4) Once you’ve picked up the cookies, ask the clerk if you can have one.
5) Go back outside, and use the Cookie on the Green Puffle. The Green Puffle will try to get the piece of paper on the nightclub but is unable too.
6) Go back to the Gadget Room (in the HQ) and behind G on the hat rack, pick up the beige hat.
7) Go back to Town and into the Coffee Shop and ask for another cookie.
8. Go back outside to the Town, put the hat on the puffle, then feed it the cookie, the map piece will fall to the ground, pick it up.

-Part 2
1) Go to the Snow Forts and follow the other half of the map.
2) The piece will almost get stuck to the flag in the Snow Forts, but will fly to the Plaza.
3) Go into the Plaza, the map will float into the newspaper, ask the penguin for the newspaper, he will decline and say he’s hungry for pizza.
4) Go into the Pizza Parlor and ask the cashier for some pizza.
5) Go back outside to the Plaza and give the pizza to the penguin, and in return ask for the newspaper, take the extra half of the map off of the newspaper and put it in your inventory.

Rescuing the Gift Shop

Now that you have your tunnel map, you need to gather the following materials: Hammer, Net, Cream Soda Barrel, Balloons, Nails, Lantern, and an Air Tank.

1) Go to the Gadget Room, and left of the shelf with a bunch of Gadgets, hung onto the wall, should be a hammer, grab it.

-Helium Tank
2) Click on the Helium Tank. (left of the exit to the Gadget Room) It says you need G’s permission.
3) Ask G if you can use the Helium Tank.

4) Go to the Beach and grab the net from the pile next to the Lighthouse

-Cream Soda Barrel
5) Go into the Lighthouse and go over to the penguin pushing the barrels, ask him for one, and put it in your inventory (If you can’t get one, try clicking a barrel). DO NOT SHAKE IT YET!

6) While in the Lighthouse, ask the penguin on the stage for the box of balloons.

7) Go into the Sports Shop, and grab the box of nails sitting on the floor near the door.

8. Go to the Dock.
9) Pick up the Lantern next to the hole in the ground.

Rescuing the Gift Shop (Cont.)

1) Go back to the Dock and enter the hole in the ground. Now put the two pieces of the map together.
2) Using the map, follow what it says, Right is the Right Tunnel and Left is the Left Tunnel. This is different for everyone. Once it gets dark, turn on your Lantern.
3) You should end up at the front of what appears to be the Gift Shop. Now you have to act fast on this. Seriously, be quick.
4) First, fill one of the balloons up with the helium tank, and store it in your inventory.
5) Then, take out your Cream Soda Barrel, and shake it some, and put it under the Gift Shop. If it says it’s not enough, shake it a little more until it works. Just don’t shake it too much (it’ll explode).
6) Once it blasts up the Gift Shop, use your Map and quickly head to the Town!
7) Take out your balloon and use it on the Gift shop, it should rise.
8. Take out your net, and place it between the ground and the bottom of the Gift shop. Try clicking multiple times really fast if it doesn’t work. Just be fast.
9) Grab your box of nails and use them on the net, they should go to all four corners of the net.
10) Use your hammer on the net and it should hammer in the nails. The Gift Shop will fall back into place.

Catching Herbert & Klutzy

1) Head back to the Gadget Room and talk to G.
2) He will tell you that you need to find Herbert and Klutzy.
3) Go to the Dock and into the hole.
4) Use the same directions as you used last time (on your tunnel map), go back to where the gift shop was.
5) There should be a new tunnel entrance. Go into it.

Optional Steps (For a Gift at End)
1) To get the gift, take out your Spy Phone, press Tools, and take out your Wrench.
2) Use the wrench on the open section of the drill machine to pull out the screws. You should then see a Gear, take it.

6) You should see a hole and what appears to be the inside of the Boiler Room, go inside.
7) Herbert will be trying to mess up the Boiler. Click on him to talk to him.
8. Herbert will get angry and hit the pipes connected to the Boiler.
9) You will get a call from G telling you to fix the Boiler ASAP.
10) Click on the Boiler to begin fixing.
11) DON’T WORRY! It’s easier than it looks. Select one part and then select another part to swap them. You do not have to use all of the pipes! Just enough to connect the pipe at the top left hand corner with the pipe at the bottom right hand corner.
12) Once you have connected the pipes, you’ll get a call from G, he wants to meet you in the HQ.
13) Go back to the HQ and turn right until you see him. Talk to the G. Then give him the Gear. You will then finish the mission.
14) Congrats! You’ve finished the mission! Get the medal and gift.

June 17, 2008

The Crab Is At It Again!

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Klutzy the Crab appears at the Pool every time the clock is: o’clock and :30 minutes, and he appears at the Mines every :15 and :45 minutes. This is all based on the PST time so use the Clock at the Snow Forts. Maybe he might try to break the glass again? Either way, he’s up to something…

So, for example, Klutzy will appear at:

  • the Pool at 1:00
  • Mines at 1:15
  • Pool at 1:30
  • Mines at 1:45
  • Pool at 2:00

and so on…

PIctures by Fever/Watex

June 12, 2008

Sneak Peek For Mission 8!

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Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming Secret Agent Mission 8. It looks like a huge rock with a hole burnt through or under Club Penguin’s floor. And you can see the Lighthouse through the hole.

Secert Message For All Agents!

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There is a secret message in the newspaper. Click on any of the 2 words: ’secret’ on Page A4 and A5 for a secret message.

Below are the coded and decoded messages. I used the Secret Agent code to translate them. Click to enlarge.

April 22, 2008

Mission 7

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This is the guild to Mission 7

  1. Talk to G. Choose any option. He explains the problem with the Clocks.
  2. Click the moniter of the Snow Forts that G is pointing to. You will see the the Polar Bear and the Crab break the clock. Click the corner to exit the clock.
  3. Talk to G again. Keep choosing the top option. He wants you to find the parts to repair the clock.
  4. Go to the Gadget Room. Take the LifeGuard Rescue Tube off the shelf and put it in your inventory.
  5. Use your map and go to the Dock. Talk to the penguins from the Blue team. Keep clicking the top options until they let you play to get back the target.
  6. Here’s how you play: Click and hold the mouse until the bar goes up to the red zone. LET GO immediately when the bar is at the red zone. Then aim with your mouse and shoot at the target. Remember, the target is moving so click just a little bit ahead of where the target is going. And it takes longer for the snowball to travel the farther the penguin is from you.
  7. Once you win, they’ll give you the target. Give them the Rescue Tube so they can continue practicing.
  8. Go to the HQ. Talk to G and tell him you need to use the Electromagnet 3000. He say’s the combination is ‘key’.
  9. Go to the Invention Cabinet, which is left of the entrance to the Gadget Room. There is a Decoder available if you put your cursor on the bottom right of the screen. Decode the word ‘key’ to Secret Agent Code and input it into the lock.
  10. The lock will open. Take out the Magnetron 3000. Now go to the Iceberg on your Map.
  11. Go to the left until you see an spring-in-an-icecube floating in the ocean. Use the Magnetron to pull it out of the water. Put them both in your inventory.
  12. Go to the HQ. Go to the Gadget Room. Place the ice cube on the Test Chamber. Pull the Red lever. Now Press the Flame button. Now pull the lever again, then pick up the Spring.
  13. Go to the Town. Talk to Rookie. Then, ask him for a poster of the Prime Gear. Put it in your inventory.
  14. (Optional step) Go to the Ski Village and talk to the penguins there. They explain how the type of snow matters. And the Snow Forts has the best.
  15. Go to the Beach and talk to the yellow penguin on the chair. He say’s he gave a yellow puffle a drawing of a chair and the puffle made the chair for him. Pick up the green bucket next to him that’s on the ground.
  16. Go to the Snow Forts and fill the green bucket up with snow.
  17. Use your map and go to the Plaza. Go into the Pizza Parlor.
  18. Take the sheet of music on the floor next to the piano.
  19. Exit the Pizza Parlor. And go into the Stage. Click on the piano at the Stage. Put the sheet of music on the piano stand. Play the colored notes in the order it says on the music sheet (read from left to right). The yellow puffle will love it and come out of hiding!
  20. Now give the puffle the picture of the gear. Then give it the bucket of snow. It’ll construct a replica Gear. Place the Gear in your inventory.
  21. Now go back to the Gadget Room in the HQ.
  22. Place the Gear on the Test Chamber. Pull the lever. Push the snowflake button. The pull the lever again. Take out the hardened Gear.
  23. Go to the Snow Forts one more time. Now click on the Snow Forts Clock to get behind it. Place the Gear in the middle, the Spring on the upper left, and the Target on the outside (on top of the pole). Now exit the Clock.
  24. The Construction worker will cheer. You will get a call on your spyphone from the Polar Bear! He says He underestimated you but destroying the Clock Tower was just a distraction for his Grand Master Plan. Then he says “Until next time!” and hangs up. Uh-oh!
  25. Talk to G and exit. Claim your Medal and Gift.

And once you get medal for the new mission, you can open it and see what time it is!




April 17, 2008

Get Ready

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 new message is on the bulletin board of the HQ. Get ready for a new mission!

April 16, 2008

Mission Update

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A new mission is coming real soon! CP say’s they’re putting the finishing touches onto it. There will also be a couple rooms we haven’t seen before in past missions. You’ll have to have finished the latest two missions to play this one, so if you haven’t, you better check out my Mission Guides. And here’s a Sneak Peek of the new mission. Look’s like you’re viewing CP from the Iceberg.

April 11, 2008

New Mission!

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A new mission will be released on CP by the end of April. Here’s a sneak peek.

From the picture I’m thinking that it has something to go with balls.


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