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July 31, 2008

The band is on break!

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The Band is on break again. Which means if you’re a member, you can get go Backstage for a free autographed background! Here’s How to get backstage and How to meet the band


New Level for aqua grabber!

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We finally know what game the level update is gonna be on. Aqua Grabber! On August 5th, the vessel will be grabbing many valuable gems other than pearls and venturing far deeper under the surface to face many new, unfriendly sea creatures. New divers are also needed to clean up an accidental cream soda spill.

Team Blue Vs. Team Red!

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Team Blue’s Rally will be back at the Stage on August 8th. This time, they’ll be facing Team Red!

The Best Way to Earn Coins!

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The ‘Best Ways to Earn Coins’ Tip in the newspaper is by Happy77, who was/is a CP Mod. He says Puffle Round-Up is the best money maker. I don’t think that’s true though. I think the best was is the pizzatron-not the candy one though cause if you play the candy one then you play the regular one then you’ll find out that the regular one is easier

G’s Word Search Answers!

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Here are the answers to G’s Word Search in the newspaper. All the words are inventions of Gary’s.

July 30, 2008

New Game Level Updated After the Party!

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The new game level will be updated sometime after the party. I wonder what game it is.

Music Jam `08 Extended!

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Also, due to requests, the Music Jam Party has been extended until August 5th.

Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek!

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The Clothing Catalog comes out this Friday. Here’s a sneak peek. It looks like a rubber-band bracelet, and checkered shoes/shirts/flags/cars for a Racing theme.

July 29, 2008

The Band Has Returned to the Stage!

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Unfortunately, the Club Penguin band are back on stage at the Iceberg to perform. I hope you met them while they were Backstage!

Picture By Watex

July 28, 2008

The Band Has Been Hanging Out Backstage!

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The Club Penguin Band has been taking a break from the stage at the Iceberg. They’ve been hanging out Backstage (in the VIP section of the Dock) giving out a new background, like Rockhopper! Each member will be on a random, different server Backstage. Good luck searching! I suggest looking through the populated servers first. Click on the buddy button to get the autographed background.

Here’s what the background looks like. Unfortunately, it’s members only.

Here’s the band: G Billy, Petey K, Stompin’ Bob, and Franky.

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